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Terms of Services



All items carried by Dewandran Transport are covered under Carrier Liability Insurance. This insurance cover is provided free to all our clients and covers all items while in transit for damage or loss.


Carrier Liability Insurance is subject to the following policy restrictions:

  • Liability for each unit of goods is to a maximum of $1500 for any loss or damage to the goods which occurs between the time the goods are uplifted until they are delivered.

  • Up to a maximum of $250,000 plus GST per total load.

  • An excess fee of $500 per claim will apply.


Liability will not apply to:

  • Items with pre-existing damage

  • Items where damage is a result of inadequate packaging

  • Items packed by the owner or another party other than Dewandran Transport



Any claims of loss or damage must be lodged within 24 hours, and a claims process will be followed in regards to any payment for liability in accordance with the requirements of the insurance provider.

Please note that any claims will only be accepted once full payment of the invoice has been received. For items in excess of $1500 we recommend you contact your insurance provider for additional cover.


Further liability:

While the utmost care is taken to ensure your belongings and your property are not damaged, please note that damage or loss caused by the moving process to walls, stairwells, driveways, footpaths, fences and other property by a vehicle or person while under instruction from you or any person acting on your behalf is not covered by this insurance.


Payment of invoice:

Dewandran Transport requires all invoices to be paid in full by cash, cheque, eftpos or credit card following the completion of services unless agreed by prior arrangement.

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