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Piano Movers


Piano Movers in Auckland

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable piano moving service in Auckland? Dewandran Transport is here at your service! We will ensure that your precious instrument is handled with care and expertise.


If you own a piano, you know how valuable and delicate it is. A piano is a musical instrument, a piece of art, a family heirloom, or a sentimental treasure. Moving a piano requires special care and attention; no ordinary mover can do this job. You need a professional piano mover with the experience, skills, and expertise to handle your valuable piano with utmost respect and safety. You need Dewandran Transport, the leading piano company in North Shore, Auckland.


Dewandran Transport is a professional piano moving company that has been serving Aucklanders for over a decade. Our professional piano movers have the experience, equipment, and skills to move any type of piano- from baby grand piano to upright, from homes to concert halls. Whether you need your piano across the street or across the city, we can handle it with absolute ease and efficiency.

Professional Piano Moving Services in Auckland

Moving a piano is a challenging task. It requires special knowledge, tools, and techniques to avoid damaging the delicate parts of the instrument. That’s why you should trust Dewandran Transport to do your job. We are a licensed and insured piano moving company that follows the highest quality and safety standards. Our team of piano movers, who are trained and experienced, knows how to handle pianos of all shapes and sizes. We use padded blankets, dollies, straps, and ramps to protect your piano from scratches, dents, and bumps. Additionally, we also have a fleet of modern and spacious trucks equipped with climate control and hydraulic lift gates to ensure your piano's smooth and secure transport.


Dewandran Transport has been providing high-quality piano moving services in Auckland for years. We have a reputation for excellence, reliability, and affordability. We have the expertise and knowledge to handle any piano moving challenge, whether a tight staircase, a narrow doorway, or a long distance.

We Can Move All Types of Pianos

At Dewandran Transport, we have expertise in various kinds of piano removal. We can make any piano move, whether big or small, old or new, heavy or light. We have the experience and skills to handle all brands and models, such as Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, and more. Moreover, we have the equipment and techniques to handle pianos of all styles and sizes, such as uprights, grands, baby grands, concert grands, spintents, consoles, and more. We can move your piano to and from any location in Auckland, whether it’s a home, an office, a school, a church, or a concert hall. No matter what type of piano you own, we can move it for you.


Why Choose Dewandran Transport for Piano Moving?

You should choose Dewandran Transport for your piano moving needs for many reasons. When you choose Dewandran Transport for your piano moving needs, you can expect the following: 


  • A free, no-obligation quote that is fair and transparent

  • A friendly and courteous customer service that listens to your needs and preferences

  • A team of trained and experienced piano movers who are licensed and insured

  • A fleet of modern and spacious trucks equipped with the latest technology ensures a seamless moving experience. 

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures your peace of mind


We offer competitive and affordable prices that suit your budget. We charge by the hour, not by the weight or distance. Additionally, we also offer discounts for repeat customers and referrals. Our team offers flexible and convenient scheduling that fits your timetable. We can also accommodate same-day and emergency requests, subject to availability. 


We offer exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations. We are friendly, courteous, and professional. Throughout your piano move, we ensure constant communication with you and keep you informed about the progress. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our service.


Dewandran Transport is the best choice for your piano moving needs in Auckland. We are experts in piano moving and have a long list of happy and satisfied customers to prove it. 


If you are looking for reliable, affordable, and professional piano movers in Auckland, look no further than Dewandran Transport. We are the piano moving company that you can trust. Contact us today to get a free quote and book your appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you and serving you with excellence.

  • How much do movers cost in Auckland?
    The cost of hiring professional movers in Auckland varies depending on factors like the size of your move, distance, and services required. For a more accurate estimate, please contact Dewandran Transport for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.
  • How long does it take movers to pack a house?
    The time it takes to pack a house depends on its size and the amount of belongings. Generally, a professional team can efficiently pack a standard-sized home in a day or two. For larger homes, it may take longer. To get a precise estimate, reach out to our experts at Dewandran Transport, who can assess your unique requirements.
  • Should I disassemble furniture before movers come?
    For a smoother and more efficient move, it's advisable to disassemble large furniture items like beds, tables, and shelves before movers arrive. This helps save time and ensures that your furniture is transported safely. Our team at Dewandran Transport can provide disassembly services upon request if you prefer professional assistance.
  • How do you prepare furniture for moving?
    To prepare furniture for moving, start by decluttering and cleaning items. Take apart any furniture that can be disassembled. Use proper packing materials like bubble wrap and furniture blankets to protect delicate or valuable pieces. Label boxes and furniture parts to ensure easy reassembly. Dewandran Transport offers packing and wrapping services, making it convenient for you to prepare your furniture for a safe and secure move.
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